YARD [Hub] Monthly Update for May!


Here are the most recent developments in our portfolio projects from the past month:


  • Partnership with Guild3, a big web3 gaming guild, is now official! Huge congratulations to the team for making it happen!
  • The team announced a presale for the upcoming OG Canabot NFT mint! The presale is 80% complete for now.
  • The team has scheduled the OG Canabot mint on Magic Eden Polygon for June 15.

Car Bar:

  • The team has designed the interface for the new long-term rental section.
  • The team has also successfully finished the front-end updates for calendar improvements, booking processes, and personal accounts.


  • The team introduced a new role in the game — Engineer — who help the Mine Owners and Contractors upgrade their mines and equipment in order to go deeper into the bowels of the planet Eleazar.
  • The team is working actively on the Service Market upgrade that will make the interaction with the game much easier.
  • There is an active development of the Rental Hub that will introduce a new economic cycle into the game.


  • The CryptoAlma team is focused on developing new quests and updating interfaces.
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